Saturday, January 24, 2015

Three from Germany

What are the chances that all three postcards we received today would come from the same country?  I guess the chances are pretty good since we received 3 postcards from Germany today.  Interestingly, their ID numbers are all within a few numbers of each other, too, which would suggest that our account was assigned to all three within just a few minutes of each other.  I've seen how fast numbers can go up, and they really even could've been sent all within the same single minute.

This first postcard is from Pia.  (It scanned thinner than it should've, so part of the side is cut off in the picture.)  The picture on the front is of Countess Cosela, who was a mistress of King August of Poland/Elector of Saxony, and who had 3 children with him.  Rather than marrying her, he had her incarcerated at the Fortress Stolpen in 1715, where she remained until her death in 1765.

The second postcard is from Wilhelm, who reports that he tests VW Passats at the factory in Emden.  Georgia Boy found that interesting, and said that it would be an awesome profession to have. Wilhelm reports that 9000 workers made 1150 cars in one day.

The last postcard is from Theda, who put an X on the town where she lives on the map.  Monster Man and I had a fun time searching for the X.  The only clue we really had about its location was that it was near the coast, as Theda reported that living near the coast means that it is usually very windy there.

These are all great postcards, and they are fun additions to our Postcrossing collection.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Architecture of Belarus

We received this postcard yesterday from Marina in Belarus.  We'd mentioned on our profile that one of the things we were interested in was the architecture of the different countries.  This postcard shares six great examples.  According to the back of the card, the top right is St Barbara's Church in Viciebsk; the right center is the Town Hall of Mahillou; the bottom right is the Palace and Park Ensemble in Homiel; the bottom left is the Kosava Castle; the top left is the Mir Castle Complex; and the one kind of in the middle of them all is the Architectural, Residential, and Cultural Complex of the Radzivils in Niasviz.  What great examples of the architecture in Belarus!

It is the latest arrival from Postcrossing, the postcard swapping program my family and I have been enjoying for over 5 years now.  I know I've shared nearly all of my postcards, but I recently had someone, who hadn't read the explanation of how we were getting so many wonderful postcards, ask me about what Postcrossing is.  Postcrossing is a site that is very easy to use and can be fun for one person or for an entire family.  You sign up on the site to send and receive postcards all over the world.  You request an address (or a few addresses - you will have a limit that will rise the more involved in the site you become).  For each address you request, you will receive information about the person you are sending to, his/her address, and an ID to put on the postcard.  Once your recipient receives the postcard, he/she will use the ID to register on the Postcrossing site that the postcard was received.  Your address is then put into the system to receive a postcard.  The postcard you receive will not be from the person you sent it to, though you can also choose to do direct swaps (through private messages) in addition to sending and receiving cards through the Postcrossing system.  It's a fun way to learn more about other areas, and it is always a surprise as to where your next postcard will be sent from.  And who doesn't appreciate getting something other than bills and junk in the mail?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snowy Village

As I look outside at the snow coming down, landing on the weeks' old snow that had just about melted away, it isn't too hard for me to picture the village that is on the front of the postcard we received today from Henna, a Postcrossing member who lives in Finland.

The front of this postcard is a painting that looks like the marketplace in Oulu, Finland, according to the sender.  She said that they don't wear the national costumes where she lives, as they do not live as far up north.  Knowing that our family loves hockey (we mentioned it on our user profile), Henna shares that her town's hockey team was, at the time the card was sent (January 10), the current Finnish champions.

I'm sure that the kids will not only appreciate this postcard when they get home, but that they will also appreciate the Angry Birds stamp that it was mailed with.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Three Postcards In One Day

After not getting any postcards through our Postcrossing adventures in several months, it is so exciting to go to the mailbox and find these little surprises in there again.  Earlier in the week, we received one postcard thanks to a direct swap.  Today, I found three postcards in the mail that were sent through the site, the result of making our account active once more.

This first postcard came to us from Martha in Illinois.  The postcard features Snake Alley, a road in Burlington, Iowa that Martha shares is old and paved with bricks.  She said she couldn't imagine going down it in a horse-drawn wagon. I know exactly what she is thinking!  We have some brick roads near here that the Amish ride their buggies on.  I've wondered before how they don't get motion sickness between the rocking of their buggies and the bumps on the brick road.  Just imagine going down a winding hill with the same swaying and bumping.  Martha shares that she lives in Monmouth, IL, birthplace of Wyatt Earp.

This next postcard came from Julia in Michigan.  The picture on the front of the postcard is a painting of The Anaconda Copper Company smelter stack in Montana.  According to the back of the postcard, it is one of the tallest free-standing brick structures in the world, and it was completed in 1919.

This last postcard is a painting by Alphonse Mucha, an artist that the sender, Bruno from Belgium, loves a lot.  Bruno reports that he loves to listen to a country radio station out of Nashville, which I assume he listens to via the internet.

These are all great postcards, and they will make excellent additions to our collection.  I cannot wait to see where our next postcards come from!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Direct Swap Postcard

When I returned my Postcrossing account to an active status two weeks ago, after having finally gotten settled in at our new house, it didn't take long to receive a request for a direct swap from someone right here in Indiana.  The request came from Marti, who lives in southern Indiana (we live in northern Indiana, in the area referred to as Michiana).  Marti sent us this postcard from the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.  She reports that her family loves high school and college basketball, so this card was a great fit for her.

We are excited to be receiving postcards again, and we cannot wait to start receiving more.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Reese's Spreads

I received another Influenster Voxbox in the mail today.  This time, it was for Reese's Spreads.

We are all excited about this particular Voxbox!  Georgia Boy loves his Reese's, and he's looking forward to finding ways to enjoy the sweetness.  Angel Baby is excited about the possibility of putting chocolate spread on toast, thus making chocolate an appropriate breakfast option.  Monster Man and Little Man are hoping to put some on cookies or crackers, experimenting to make sure that they find the most possible ways to enjoy the sweetness of this new spread.  I am thinking that it would be really good on fruit, too.

Thank you, Influenster and Reese's for this new Voxbox.  I cannot wait to give it a try!


Since we knew that we'd be moving, I put a hold on our Postcrossing account.  I didn't want postcards to be lost in the shuffle of the move, especially when we didn't know where we'd be moving.  As a result, I haven't had any postcards to share for quite some time.  That's about to change.  Last week, I took the hold off of our account, updated our address in their system, and requested several addresses to send postcards to.  In addition to those, I've also had a request for a direct swap from someone here in the state of Indiana.  This morning, I put all of those postcards in the mailbox, where they will be picked up and sent to China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Belarus, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Portugal, and North Carolina (yes, they even get sent within the United States sometimes), in addition to the card being sent within Indiana and two cards being sent to family in Georgia.  We are now looking forward to receiving more postcards from around the world, and we cannot wait to find out where our next postcard will be coming from.

Below are a few pictures of the postcards that I've sent out this time.  Our area is highly Amish-populated, so the only cards that I could find around here all had Amish life as their theme, and there weren't even a lot of those.  I am hoping to find more choices soon.