Monday, February 23, 2015

Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo?  Today, I found him in my mailbox as one of three cards we received from Germany.

We received this 'Where's Waldo' postcard from Andre and Kristin in Germany.  While they say that Germany isn't really as flag-loving as other countries, they thought we'd enjoy seeing all the different flags on the card.

This postcard is from Hanne in Germany.  She isn't really a fan of football (or soccer, as we call it here in the United States), but she thought we would enjoy this card since we love sports cards. She was right.

This last postcard is from Sigi in Germany, who reports that this house is in Garmish-Partenkirchen, home to the 1936 Winter Olympics.  The mountain in the back is Kramer.  Paintings on the house in the front are typical of Upper Bavaria.

This are all such wonderful cards!

Weekend cards

We received two new cards over the weekend, one that was sent through the Postcrossing system, the other through a direct swap through Postcrossing.

This first postcard came to us from Sina in Germany.  Sina lives close to the village of Celle, which has about 80,000 residents.  The frame houses in the large picture on the front of the card are part of what makes Celle famous.  It is also famous for the castle (lower right corner) and the hannoveraner horses (above the castle).  This card was made by Sina, who had her cards printed out.

The other card we received was through a direct swap with Lucia, a teacher staying in Cape Verde.  This island of Santo Antao ("Ponta do Sol") is a small fishing town that people from Europe like to visit, which has helped boost the economy of the island, especially for the locals, who allow tourists to sleep in their homes for reasonable prices.

We love both cards and are excited to find out what our next card(s) will be!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another set of three

Once again, good things come in threes!  They all have something in common, as they all were all sent by Postcrossing members who shared about their pets on their cards.

This card came from Kristel in Belgium.  She is a student nurse with 2 dogs (a pug and a French bulldog).  The card has some great examples of the architecture there.

This next card came to us from Sylvia, who lives in a small village in southern Germany with her husband and their cat.  I think this card is cute, and it was fun to receive something a little different than the usual tourist cards.

This last card came to us from Maria, who lives in St. Petersburg, Russia with her husband and their cat.  The museum on the front is an example of 19th century architecture.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Adam's Lake Pub for Valentine's Dinner

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Georgia Boy took me out last night for an early Valentine's dinner, and we found a new favorite restaurant to go to whenever we have a date night away from the kids. A little more expensive and we didn't think it seemed the family type of restaurant, though we did see a few children there last night and the restaurant does have a family dining section, so we'll have to leave that decision to another visit. We left the house with the intention of going to a different restaurant, found out it was closed (not sure why), and then remembered seeing a sign for the one we ended up going to, but not really sure where it was. We did a search on Georgia Boy's phone to see if we could figure out where it was, and then followed the direction to this fabulous place well hidden from normal traffic.
With the name being Adam's Lake Pub, we weren't sure what to expect other than that it would be open year-round (according to the sign), and the name suggested it wouldn't be as kid friendly (how often do you see kids at a pub?). When we got there, though, we almost wondered if we were under-dressed in our jeans and nice shirts. The steaks we had were perfectly cooked, the fries Georgia Boy had were excellent (he said they didn't need any ketchup because they were incredibly tasty), the salad he had and the baked potato I had were both huge portions, the lobster bisque that I had was to die for (I could go and eat a huge bowl of the bisque and leave happy),  the bread with cinnamon butter was quite tasty, and the service was very friendly, even with the large crowd of people that were also there for an early Valentine. They even gave all the women roses. We didn't have reservations, so the only seats available were right by the bar unless we wanted to wait a while for a table. Not usually our choice seats, but it was actually quite enjoyable. I told Georgia Boy it kind of seemed like Cheers - everyone seemed to know each other. They took us right under their wing and the conversation flowed through the entire meal. It was the first time that we've gone out in a very long time where we splurged and still felt like the meal was more than our money's worth. I can't wait to go back when the weather is warmer so we can eat outside by the lake.
It was such a great night out with my hubby!

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Sketch of Kyiv

Today we received this great postcard from Oksana in the Ukraine.  The card is a sketch of the St Volodymyz Monument in Kyiv.  What a great card!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

What do these have in common?

We received two new postcards today - one from Florida and one from Portugal.  The cards look nothing like each other, but they have something in common more than just the date on which they arrived.  Both cards were sent by librarians that work in schools (one just says a school librarian while the other says she's a librarian at a college).

This first postcard came to us from Catia in Lisbon, Portugal.  Her card was very informative about the weather, the government, the lifestyles, and even the size (she says Portugal is the size of Indiana). She works as a school librarian and a teacher of Portuguese.

The other card we received today was from Jennifer in Orlando, Florida, who says she works as a librarian at a college.  She enjoys visiting both the Atlantic coast and Gulf coast beaches, as well as Disney and the theme parks.  She also enjoys kayaking and taking in Florida's natural beauty.

These are both great additions to our collection!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A few more postcards

We received three new postcards today, and I knew I had to share them right away.  In addition to these cards, I also received an envelope from my new friend Diane in Indiana, who I have been swapping postcards with in an effort to mix up our supply with more of a variety that we can send and share.  What a fun way to get new cards!

This postcard came to us today from Lesia in Moscow, Russia.  She reports that it was cold and snowy when she sent the card, and she wished us a happy new year.  What a pretty Christmas postcard!

This next card was a surprise from Marti in Indiana, who had previously sent me the postcard from the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.  She was sending out Valentine greetings to some of those she had previously sent cards to, and it was a fun surprise!

This last postcard came to us from Slawek in Poland, who says he lives in Katowice, where he reports that an interesting building is Spodek.  He purchased this card from the internet, and I think it is a great card.

All three are fun additions to our postcard collection.  I cannot wait to see what will come next.