Saturday, March 31, 2007

Little Man

Our Little Man came as a special surprise 5 1/2 years after Monster Man was born. He wasn't a mistake or an oops baby. He was a gift given to us at a time when we needed him most. We never knew how much we needed this last little one to complete our family.

Time is flying quickly with him. In February, he celebrated his first birthday. The first year was full of accomplishments that took him from a quiet baby who never cried to a rambunctious toddler with a temper. We wouldn't have him any other way!

Our Little Man is so much fun, and we all enjoy having him. Angel Baby and Little Man cherish their baby brother, and he adores them both. Little Man (named Little Man because he was so much smaller than his big brother was at birth, and he is still pretty small compared to what Monster Man was at that age) is a Mommy's boy by day and a Daddy's boy by night. He brings a smile to the face of everyone who comes into contact with him, and he really has been a blessing. We're so lucky to have our little surprise!

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