Saturday, March 31, 2007

Monster Man

Monster Man came along 18 months and 4 days after Angel Baby was born. After delivering a 6lb 14oz, 19" little girl, we were shocked to see a 8lb 4oz, 22" little boy. This is where his nickname came from. He started out as such a big boy, and he hasn't stopped being bigger than most of the kids his age.

Monster Man has a very active imagination. Since he was barely 3 years old, he has believed that he is Santa in the making. Year round, he loves to wear his red fur hat. He rides a stick reindeer and carries a sack. One year, all he wanted for Christmas was "a Santa suit and nine reindeer that can really fly". We couldn't get him the reindeer, but he was thrilled when his Grammy sewed white fake fur on a red sweatsuit and gave it to him to wear.

Santa isn't his only character of choice. At different times has been Woody or Buzz Lightyear, a Power Ranger, or Spider Man. He loves to use his imagination, and we love listening to the things he comes up with. He has shown an interest in writing, and I believe that his creativity will go a long way to helping him with this interest.

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