Friday, May 25, 2007

Sometimes Mommy Needs A Break

Tomorrow is our Moms' Club's monthly Mom's Night Out. Since I hadn't thought I would be able to go, I hadn't brought it up to my hubby. After having a horrible night last night, though, I decided I really need the break.

I mentioned it to my husband when he got home from work, suggesting that we find a sitter so that he could have a guys' night out with some friends. I thought he'd be happy with that suggestion. Instead, he acted like it was a horrible thought.

Despite my suggestion that we get a sitter, he said he deserved a night out, too. And when I pointed out that I had suggested a sitter, he immediately vetoed it, stating that Little Man won't let anyone watch him. (How would we know since we have only tried twice?!)

I am still hoping to convince him on this. Mommy really needs a break sometimes!

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