Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My New Dryer

We have gone through a small string of dryers in our house. The problem is that we always buy old dryers or get them off freecycle, and by the time we get them they have little life left in them.

Last week, my hubby made the announcement that he was going to buy me a brand new dryer. We went shopping and, on Monday afternoon, came home with a GE dryer with super capacity.

How excited I was to have not only a new dryer, but one that was so new that it came in a box! (Yes, I get excited easily!)

I love my new dryer! I put in a full load of jeans and work pants, which in my last dryer would've filled the dryer and had to be run three times through, and it looked like my dryer was still pretty much empty. Then I started the dryer, and it didn't even take one complete cycle through for the clothes to dry!

I am so thrilled to have this new dryer. Not only will it save me time, it will save us a lot of money on our power bill, since we won't have to run it multiple times per load anymore.

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