Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All Those Long Distance Calls

I have a lot of family and friends that live in different states. In fact, I have a brother who doesn't even live in the U.S. I like to keep in touch with them all. With all of those calls, our phone bill can't get pretty high.

I like to search for ways to save us money for those phone calls. I recently ran across a great site called Pingo. Pingo offers a virtual calling card that helps you save big time on International phone calls. It's great for mobile service, and it even helps guarantee that you are receiving the lowest possible rates for your prepaid calls. I just checked their RateWatcher, and discovered that calls to my brother in Japan can be as low as $0.0035 per minute (yes, less than four cents per minute)!

There are a couple of great ways to earn free calls, too. Through their affiliate program, you can earn $15 in free calls for every new user you refer. Pingo is also currently working with to get its users to develop their own commercials about Pingo's services. In return, the first 250 posted videos will receive $5 in free calls. Users can post up to a maximum of 5 videos, giving the opportunity to earn $25 in free calls!

Whether you want a calling card for personal use, for when your traveling, or for when you have an emergency, Pingo is a great way to be prepared!

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