Sunday, July 22, 2007

It would be nice

I've shared a couple of posts about Score! Educational Centers, and how they have helped a couple of my friends' children. With all the rave reviews I am hearing, I thought about someone else that they could really help.

My husband has finally decided to get his GED. He knows I can help him study for the other subjects, but doesn't think that I will be able to help him in the one subject that he struggles with the most- math. It sure would be nice if the math tutors at Score! could help him.

Unfortunately for him, they only help children ages 4 to 14. They have done such a great job with my friends' children that I know he could benefit from their expertise. I'm betting that their programs to help with high school math, which is where he would need the most help, would really benefit my husband.

For now, though, they will continue to do what they do best... help the children who need them the most!

***This is a sponsored post***

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