Monday, August 20, 2007

Canada's Wonderland

I remember a trip I took when I was little, back when we still lived in Michigan. We went to Canada's Wonderland, a great theme park in Ontario. I was so little that I only have bits and pieces of memories from the trip, but I know remembered that I enjoyed it.

I've often thought of taking my kids up there. I'd love to be able to say that we have been able to travel outside of the United States as a family. However, flights to Canada can be a little hard on the budget when money is already tight to begin with. I can always start a special savings just for this particular trip, though.

I've tried to check a little to see how much I need to shoot for in my savings. Through, I'm able to figure out an idea of how much the flights to Toronto and back would cost us. If I go by the more cheap flights, and plan on using the same site for my hotel and car rental reservations, I might be able to make the trip in the next two years.

I really hope we can make this trip someday. I know it would provide some special memories for my children.

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