Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Disney, here we come!

We've been talking a lot about taking taking the kids down to Orlando and going to Disney for a day. We've been putting it off, thank to the expense; but now that the budget isn't as tight, we're starting to consider it once again. I have many great childhood memories from trips to Orlando. There are just so many theme parks and attractions there to enjoy, and I want to share some of those memories with my children... not to mention that it would be fun to relive those childhood memories.

Vacation homes in Orlando have been growing in number, and I just happen to have a friend that is renting one for a week soon. She has asked us if we might be interested in joining her family and splitting the cost, making it even more affordable for both families to have a comfortable place to stay while we're there. We are seriously considering this. In fact, if we can't make the trip when her family does, we are still going to use this as an option in the near future.

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  1. Timeshare at Marriott is a great investment I hear! We are doing the Disney cruise in March WOO HOO!