Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Halloween: The Movie

Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner already?! I've already purchased the first pattern I need to make costumes for my kids, and I will soon be starting the work on this first project. Though Halloween is over two months away, it's time to start preparing.

It's also time to start looking forward to the scary movies that come out in the theaters. This year, Rob Zombie is the source of the action. He wrote and directed the latest Halloween movie, which is scheduled to hit theaters on August 31. Rob Zombie is definitely the person to put his own twist to Halloween the movie, as he is kind of scary in his own way. His uniqueness can definitely help contribute to the excitement of the latest Halloween movie.

I'm not usually a fan of scary movies. In fact, I'm more the kind to enjoy the spoofs like Scary Movie. However, I enjoy a good scare once in a while. I really enjoyed watching Signs, in which Mel Gibson was a single father/ex-minister that found himself battling a group of aliens come to earth. It really kept my husband and myself on the edge of our seats, just as I suspect Halloween the movie will do when it comes out. There's nothing like a good scary movie to get the blood pumping once in a while!

The above movie preview gives a sneak peek of what to expect of the new Halloween movie. It really caught my attention and left me eager to see the film when it is released. It will be the perfect start to the coming Halloween season.

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