Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Little Dream

My husband and I often talk about starting our own business, but to tell you the truth, the idea kind of overwhelms me. While I would love to be my own boss, do something I love, and bring the kids to work with me, the idea of all the paperwork involved in getting the loans and all the legal work in order scares me. There are just so many forms required- business licensing, building permits, etc.

We've also talked about the possibility of starting the business from our home, but we don't want to have to meet with clients in our home, which is often filled with rowdy children. We want to appear as professional as possible.

If I had someone to help me understand it all, I might be a little more interested in working more toward my dream. However, I don't want to have to deal with the high fees charged by lawyers. Can't someone else make it all happen, and save me money in the process?

Free forms for your LLC or Corporation, along with the rest of the help we might need, is available through They even offer virtual offices and executive suites, so we can use their conference rooms to meet with clients, rather than meeting with them in our home. And with rates as low as $45 per month, they are great for businesses that are just starting out!

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