Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Bowling Season

Today was the first day of the fall bowling season. During the summer league, I started off with a low average- 82. Yep, I sucked!

At the end of the season, my husband finally bought me my own bowling ball. I'd heard rumors that having your own ball made a huge difference, but I didn't believe it up until then. My first day of bowling with it, I scored over 140! And my scores have improved since then.

Today, we set averages for the fall season. I planned to set it low, figuring I could build it up throughout the long (33 weeks, if I remember right) season. I walked up to the lane for my first ball... and ended up getting a strike. Two more strikes followed. By the fourth frame, I had an 84... already higher than my average from the summer. My score for the game? 160!

After 3 games, my average for the day was 131, so I still can build a little on my average. I just hope I can keep it up until the league is over!

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