Friday, August 17, 2007

New Surge Protector

We had some computer issues a couple of weeks ago. First, our internet went out after a storm. Then, while I was waiting for that to get repaired, the computer started freezing up. It wouldn't go to Windows at all, instead only showing me the little screen that says "Compaq" when we first boot it up. I finally discovered that the computer wasn't the problem. Instead, it was my surge protector. Evidently, it had grown too old, and it was only getting partial power to it. Once I unplugged it and plugged the computer and monitor straight into the outlet, and brought in an extension cord for the modem, it started working again.

Today, I finally bought a new surge protector. Now I know my computer will be protected, and I will finally be able to plug in my printer and desk lamp.

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