Friday, August 17, 2007

A New Wedding Tradition

Next month, my best friend's brother, who I've known since he was my Angel Baby's age, is getting married. He has invited my husband and myself to the wedding, and I am looking forward to seeing the little boy I knew, who is now six and a half feet tall, marry the young woman he loves.

It isn't going to be a traditional church wedding. Instead, it will follow a newer tradition of getting married in a garden setting. In fact, there will be a lot of the new traditions. Instead of bird seed, there will be bubbles. And there will also be personalized wedding cameras on all of the tables at the reception, inviting guests to take pictures for the bride and groom to see the events from a different prospective.

These disposable cameras have become a big hit at weddings, especially when they are personalized for the lucky couple. When my mom and stepdad got married last year, they also used these cameras, and I am pretty sure my niece will have them at her wedding next year. For some reason, it just seems like this new tradition should have been there all along!

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