Monday, August 6, 2007

What a place!

Yesterday, my family and I went bowling with my husband's cousin and her family. We all decided to try out a new bowling alley that was equal distance away from both of us. This place had just opened, so we weren't at all sure of what to expect when we walked in.

When we first walked in, we were greeted by a rather large arcade complete with prizes to be won. There was even an area with indoor bumper cars. As we turned toward the counter to pay for bowling, we got even more of a surprise. A room for playing Lazer Tag was located not far from the counter.

Then we saw the bowling lanes. What a surprise for us! Instead of the traditional hard plastic seats, there were couches! And there were coffee tables in between the couches for each pair of lanes.

Our outing was rather expensive. For a little over $90, we got two hours of bowling for 6 people, complete with shoe rental. It also included a pitcher of drinks and a large pepperoni pizza (we got to choose one topping). We didn't have to go get our food and drinks, as one of the employees actually brings your orders to your coffee table so that you can eat and play in comfort.

We had a wonderful time, and we weren't too upset with the price given the atmosphere. We would've liked to have all five children be able to bowl, but it would've been a lot more expensive. Thankfully two were too young to care and my older two were able to share a turn without a problem. lol

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