Thursday, August 16, 2007

You Know What I Hate?

You want to know something that I really hate? I hate how many stores and companies there are that prefer credit card payments over cash or checks. I also hate how many stores try to push their credit cards onto their customers.

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that debt really adds up. It becomes an endless cycle, especially during hard times. My husband and I have seen what credit card debt can do to a family. It really makes for tough times, and it makes it hard to get to do as many of the fun things that people really want to do.

Consumers need to be more aware of how to use a credit card wisely. They need to be taught. through credit counseling what to look for when choosing a credit card. Low interest rates and charges are a must to help consumers keep from getting caught in a tangle of bills. It also helps to be able to pay off your balance monthly by charging only what you know you can afford to pay back.

I really wish that someone had taught my husband and myself how to be more responsible when it comes to credit card debt. We both entered into our marriage in debt, and it has taken a rather long time to pull ourselves out of the web.

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  1. " You can save 15% if you sign up today" No thanks I will just use my debit card, " you can save 15%...." ok but I would rather spend 10 dollars on this now, then pay 20% intrest on your card! I hate that too!