Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm amazed!

As a member of, I was given some samples of the new Wrigley's 5 gum. I'm supposed to try them out, as well as give them to my friends and family.

Yesterday, my husband grabbed a piece about 30 minutes before dinner. Like most gum, he thought it would lose its flavor before dinner was ready. Instead, he complained about wasting the gum, saying that the flavor was still strong when I called him to dinner.

I didn't really believe him. I mean, I've never heard of gum that really lasted that long. There was no way it could stay that strong that long. Right?

Wrong! I decided to try it for myself today. I put a piece in my mouth at 2:15, while I was waiting in line to pick my kids up from school. It is now 4:48, and I am still chewing the same piece. The flavor is just as strong as it was when I first started chewing it. It's cinnamon, and my tongue is actually still burning a little from the spice.

I can't believe how well this gum keeps its flavor. It's definitely worth paying a little more, since I won't be going through as many pieces as fast.

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