Friday, September 28, 2007

Sharing Is Good

I try hard to teach my children to share. I've taught them that sharing is part of living in today's society, and that the more they share, the more they will be shared with. When I really think about it, though, it's hard to recall what all adults share in the day to day life.

We share rides, in the form of carpooling. We share stories and information with each other. We share books, computer equipment, and pens at work. Sometimes, we even share a meal. Sharing just seems to be a big part of how this world works.

The same works for the world wide web. You already know that people share pictures, ideas, and helpful information through websites and emails. Did you know they can also share files?

A great way to information from one person to another is through file sharing programs and sites. Driveway is one of the great sites that offers file sharing. You can share files up to 500MB in size by uploading to the site and creating a link to the information.

With new widgets and plug-ins, plus 2GB of free online storage, this is a great site for sharing your files with your friends, family, and so many others.

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