Saturday, September 22, 2007

Working on the project

I recently mentioned my Angel Baby's project for this weekend. She has to make a model of a landform, and also write a paper answering a few questions about that landform. She wanted to choose two, not being able to decide which one.

She was hoping to do both mountains and a waterfall. I told her we would have to choose just one, and went over the list with her once again. She decided to do neither the waterfall nor the mountains. Instead, she opted to make a model of islands.

We made our own white playdough this afternoon. We shaped multiple islands from the playdough and let them bake to make them harden. While they were baking, she took a large piece of blue construction paper and added some drawings of fish.

Later, we're going to paint the islands. After they dry, we'll glue them onto the construction paper, then place the construction paper on a harder surface so the weight of the islands won't damage the project. Tomorrow, the islands will be glued to the paper water.

The project ended up being rather fun. I enjoyed making everything with my little girl, and I'm sure she'll get a wonderful grade on it.

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