Sunday, October 7, 2007

Help with bills

Don't you just hate it when an unexpected bill arrives in the mail? Recently, we received a notice that a payment we'd mailed had not been received. The company wanted payment immediately, and they wanted us to stop payment on the payment we'd already sent. There was only one problem. The bank wanted to charge us to stop the original payment, and making a new payment would overdraw our account.

We decided to check into getting a payday cash advance. We were able to get the money we needed to pay the bill without having to wait for the next payday to roll around. This has helped us settle our credit debt without having to worry about causing more problems from overdrawing our account.

Consolidation and loan companies can help with credit debt, IRS tax debt, and so much more. It's good to know there are options out there when we need help with our bills.

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