Monday, October 15, 2007

I love to save money

Saving money is like a game to me, especially when it comes to Christmas shopping. Each year, I make a list of who all I need to buy presents for, and then I set a budget per person. Then I set out, trying to find the best deals and come out as much under budget as possible. When I'm done with the shopping, I check to see what my budgeted total was, and how much I actually saved from that total.

One of the ways I save is to hit the clearance racks, getting more for my money. I also like to buy year-round so that I can keep an eye out for bargains. Coupons also come in handy when it comes to my Christmas shopping.

I have found some really great online coupons to help me save big this year. For example, I found a ton of movies for only $9.99 each thanks to a Best Buy deal. I also found a Target coupon that gave me an additional 10% off my purchase. I was even able to save big when it came to ordering this year's Christmas cards and new address labels with a Vistaprint coupon code.

I'm nowhere near done with my Christmas shopping at this point, but I've already saved so much!

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