Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's so hard

Why is it so hard to find valid work from home offers? I really would love to earn more than what I'm already earning through surveys and blogging (which is a good nice amount, but not enough to pay the bills should work get too slow for my hubby this winter), but I can't afford childcare for three children and still come home with money in the pocket. I keep looking for options from the home, but nothing seems to work out.

I've tried finding children to watch. I ended up being owed $95 and left high and dry. I tried looking for another child, but nothing has panned out so far. I then tried looking into cleaning houses, but that didn't work out either. No one responded to the ad. It seems that there are more people wanting to clean houses than people that will actually have them cleaned.

I looked into other options as well. Mystery shopping barely pays anything, if it even pays more than reimbursing the money you spend on a transaction. I applied to answer phone calls for a couple of companies, but never heard back from those. Other things I've looked into have led to scams wanting me to pay for the information.

I wish finding an at-home job was easier!

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