Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Passing on the info

You know I've been spreading the buzz about Score a lot lately! I just can't get over all the help the tutors there have been for many of my friends' kids. I've been loving hearing how great the kids are doing, and how fast they are improving. I love it so much that I caught myself telling a complete stranger about it today at bowling.

I go bowling every Wednesday morning with some friends. We're on a team together, so we are often competing against new teams. Today's team had a new bowler, who was telling me that she had wanted to bowl at the beginning of the season, but had been unable to. It turns out that she was homeschooling her teenager in hopes of getting her caught up in her classes. Things hadn't worked out as hoped, so she was now returning to public school.

The main class she was having trouble in was geometry, and the mother was struggling in explaining it herself. I asked if I could make a recommendation, and then told her about the success my friends' children were experiencing through the help of Math Tutors and more at Score! By the time we were done, she was thanking me for the great recommendation.

I'm sure her daughter will benefit from these great tutors, as well!

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