Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Planning for the big day

Though I never get to spend much time on it, I really love hitting the Black Friday sales. There is nothing like scrounging through numerous ads to help me find just the right items at just the right price. It's so much fun to find what I want and plan my shopping trip.

I've really been excited to run across because I can get a sneak peek at what items will be on sale the day after Thanksgiving. Many ads are displayed on the site for you to start planning your trips as early as mid-October. By early November, most of the stores will be displayed.

I already found a great deal on a digital picture frame that I am hoping to pick up in the Sears ad, and the Ace Hardware specials show a good deal on kids' bikes. And I can't wait to see what shows up in the Toys R Us deals!

I'm so glad I have the Black Friday site to help me plan my shopping trip ahead of time. Having three kids and a husband that works the day after Thanskgiving, these ads help me make the best of what time I do manage to get to spend hitting the sales.

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