Thursday, October 25, 2007

Think Hitachi

In February, we won a really nice Hitachi HDTV big screen TV from my husband's work. It was the grand prize in a raffle drawing at their annual safety banquet. Never in a million years would we believe we would've won something so nice, so we were pleasantly surprised to win it. Since then, we've realized just how nice the Hitachi TVs really are.

In fact, we're already thinking ahead. We're contemplating purchasing a hitachi 55 LCD TV in a couple of years, after the prices of the flat panel TVs goes down. Thanks to the quality of the picture we are getting on our current TV, and the selection of features, we know that there is no chance we'd ever buy anything but a Hitachi ever again.

And when the time comes, I think I'll check out the website to see where we can get the best deal on a TV in our area. What could be easier?

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