Monday, October 15, 2007

Wishing for good luck

My Little Man hates his crib. He will not go to sleep in it, and he doesn't want to be in it when he wakes up. The minute his eyes open, he does his best to get out in whatever way possible, even if that means climbing out on his own.

My husband and I recently purchased bunk beds for the boys' room. Right now, Monster Man is sleeping on the bottom bunk, as the bed did not come with the slats that support the mattress on the top bunk. Before he can be moved up, we need to get some slats.

I'm hoping I can get out and get the slats this week. Little Man has taken an interest in napping on the bottom bunk, and I think he will sleep much better at night once he is on the big bed, as well. I hope we can get him moved this weekend, and that the move is a success.

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