Tuesday, November 6, 2007

17 days and counting

There are only sixteen days until Thanksgiving, when we'll all be stuffing our faces with turkey and watching the Thanksgiving Day parades. We'll be gathered with family watching Home For The Holidays, like we do every year, and then we'll end the day with the first showing of Christmas Story. While everyone's watching Christmas Story, I'm usually digging through all the big sales ads.

Not this year, though. I'm already preparing for that famous day, only seventeen days from now. Yep, I'm getting ready for Black Friday!

Many of the black friday ads are already available online for sneak previews and early planning. I'm already planning to head to Old Navy when they open so I can get one of the free MP3 players with a $20 purchase. I really hope that I'm lucky enough to snag one, as an MP3 player is on my list of things to purchase.

I might just try getting it online, though. The Black Friday website that I have been using helps you order online, rather than having to fight the stores when they open their doors at 5:00. I'll have to see if the free MP3 player is available on online orders. It's much easier than finding someone to stay with the kids so that my husband can go to work while I shop.

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