Saturday, November 3, 2007

All those symbols

Ever notice how computer keyboards have a bunch of symbols that you never use? They might not necessarily show on your computer all the time, but might be hidden under some code, like when you want the little squiggly over an "n" or an apostrophe over an "e".

Sometimes I see those symbols and wonder what they mean. I know that the Ñ, in Spanish, makes a n-yA sound. I know that certain symbols over letters can produce different pronunciations in different languages.

Tonight, I also figured out that some of the symbols are related to monetary values in different countries. When asked if I knew what the symbol € meant, I had no clue. I'm still not sure how I figured it out, but through a process of deduction, I found that it represents a euro.

Some interesting information to know, should I ever see the symbol elsewhere.

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