Thursday, November 22, 2007

Angels watching over us

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, I found proof that we really do have angels watching over us. I mentioned in my last post that my Angel Baby was spending the night with friends. Well, at 2:10 Wednesday morning, she told her friends' mother that she had forgotten to tell me goodnight and that she really needed to call me. Not wanting to make my daughter feel like she wasn't allowed to call if she needed me, she let her call.

At first, my husband was a little upset at our daughter's decision to call in the middle of the night. Nothing was wrong, and he couldn't see the reasoning behind her calling at 2:10 in the morning to tell me goodnight. However, after I told her goodnight and that I love her, I couldn't get back to sleep.

After about ten minutes of restlessness, I decided to get myself a drink of water. I got out of bed and headed into the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen, I realized that there was an extra light glowing in the room. I turned on the overhead light to see where the light was coming from.

It was then that I discovered my husband had left the toaster oven turned on to 400 degrees. He'd had a snack around 9:00, and had never turned the toaster oven off. It had been turned on for well over 5 hours, and everything- including the cord- was burning hot! I immediately turned it off and unplugged it.

Had my Angel Baby not decided she needed to call me, we might not have had a house come Wednesday morning. I know there was an angel telling her to call and wake me up. And I am so thankful for that angel.

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