Friday, November 2, 2007

Bowling Fun

Every week, I go bowling. I'm in a league that offers free childcare, so I take my Little Man along with me. Since he's always in the nursery, I didn't think that he was paying too much attention to what is going on there. Recently, however, I found out otherwise.

Little Man has started setting cups on the floor, one in the front, two in the next row. If he has enough for a third row, he places three in that row. It's like he knows how they are supposed to be when set up like bowling pins.

After setting up his makeshift pins, he then rolls a ball at them, knocking them down. At first it was a soccer ball. Now that he's discovered where Daddy's bowling ball is, he likes to unzip the bowling bag, push the ball out, and use an actual bowling ball at the cups.

I think I'm getting him his own toy bowling set for Christmas.

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