Thursday, November 8, 2007

Busy Boy

I have a very busy little boy this morning. My Little Man has already managed to get himself into a lot of mischief today, and it's just now 9:30!

When he first woke up this morning, he woke up his big brother, rather than waking me up to get him out of his crib. Monster Man lifted him over the side of the crib, and I was awoken by Little Man running into my room with a cup of yogurt in his hand. He was ready for breakfast, and this morning he desired yogurt. He'd come out of his bedroom, ran straight to the refrigerator, and helped himself.

I got up and managed to put him in his highchair so he could eat his breakfast while we got around for the day. Before I could even go into my room to get dressed, he climbed out of the highchair and went in search for something else to eat. In the process, he also managed to spread yogurt through a good part of the kitchen.

Now, you need to know that we've gone through 3 refrigerator locks this year. He has figured out how to pull on them just right that the sticky tape rips off the side of the refrigerator door. After he broke the last one off, we decided to give it a try without the lock, hoping he'd outgrown his love for eggs. Apparently, he hasn't.

After we got back from taking the kids to school this morning, he decided he wanted to renew his fascination with eggs. He hadn't touched them in the six weeks that the most recent lock has been off the refrigerator, so I figured I was safe to go into the bathroom. Instead, I walked out of the bathroom to find him on the kitchen floor, a carton of eggs opened in front of him. He had cracked five of the eggs into the carton, the other seven (yes, it was a brand new carton) were untouched. Rather than trying to clean out the carton, I decided to boil the remaining eggs for egg salad, and managed to get the rest of the mess cleaned up (including the egg covered baby).

Within a few minutes of cleaning up the mess, Little Man was pushing chairs around the kitchen to help him reach the remaining candy from Halloween. I'd take one chair away, and he'd go grab another...

This is just a sampling of our fun morning, and I'm sure there is much more to come. Hopefully his overactivity will wear him out enough that he'll have an early nap time. How else am I going to get the house cleaned at this rate?

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