Monday, November 12, 2007

Can you believe it?!

Can you believe that Christmas is only a little over a month away? Yesterday, I locked myself in my bedroom and finished wrapping what remaining presents needed wrapped. Last week, I managed to buy several more presents thanks to some great deals at Target, and those got wrapped as well.

I now only have a few more presents to buy before my shopping will be done. I need to get the big items for all three of my kids. For Angel Baby, that means an inexpensive digital camera. For Monster Man, it means a new bike. As for Little Man, I'm still not sure what it will be. I've been debating between a basketball goal or something yet to be discovered (a wagon? a tricycle?). I had plans for a basketball goal, but he changed his interest to bowling. However, when we went to a party over the weekend, the little boy got the basketball goal I was planning on getting, and Little Man was intrigued. However, I want to make sure whatever I get him will keep his interest for more than a day or two.

I also need to finish shopping for three other people. Those shouldn't take as much, and once I'm done with those, my shopping will be complete.

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