Monday, November 12, 2007

A Company Card

I was just talking to one of my friends, who works for a rather large company. While we were talking, we were interrupted by the mail man, who was bringing the company's New Business Credit Cards, which she had been asked to order. After receiving the cards, she told me that she would have to cut our conversation short.

She told me that the company had recently decided to give company credit cards to the salesmen, so that they would be able to take potential clients out for lunch or purchase the gas they needed to meet with clients about measurements or to check on the jobs being done. Until recently, the company hadn't been able to provide these to the salesmen, but as the company continued to grow, it had become a necessity. She had worked with the company's vice president to find the best credit card options for their company online, and then had ordered enough for each of the salesmen to have their own.

I wish more companies offered use of company cards for situations like these, rather than expecting their employees to use their own gas money for trips to other locations (whether it be for measurements, inspections, clean-ups, or anything else). It would make things a lot easier for days like today, when my husband had to drive over an hour away for a 30 minute business meeting.

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