Monday, November 12, 2007

He forgot!

This morning, in his rush to get to his early morning meeting, my husband forgot to leave me the car seat. I'd asked him yesterday to move it from his car to my truck so that he wouldn't have to worry about it this morning. He told me that he would take care of it.

When I got ready to take the kids to school today, I discovered that I was left without a car seat. I ended up having to call a neighbor to stay with Little Man while I took Angel Baby and Monster Man to school.

Later, my neighbor will be coming back over. I'm going to leave her with my Little Man once again. This time, I'll be driving to my husband's work to pick up the car seat. He should be back at his plant soon, and I'll be able to drive over to get the seat. That way, I know I'll have a way to pick the kids up from school. Otherwise, I don't know how they'd get home!

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