Thursday, November 15, 2007

Home repairs go one step further

My mother and stepfather have been pretty much remodeling their entire house. Everything, with the exception of the kitchen counters, looks completely different, and those are actually next on the list. What really surprised me is that, along with all the other home improvements, they've even considered fixing up the cracked concrete of their garage floors.

It turns out that they've been talking to some friends about, where they can get everything to fix their garage up and make it look brand new. They can cover their cracked concrete floors with a nice sturdy tile, paint the inner walls, and replace all the old worn out shelving with something newer and better looking. They can completely remodel the garage to be a great place for the guys to hang out, as well as a place to store everything.

I'm sure that, when they are done, it will look just as great as everything else they have done.

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