Thursday, November 8, 2007

Homework struggles

My Angel Baby has been able to finish her homework at school almost every day. At first, I was concerned that she just wasn't wanting to do her homework, but her teacher told me that she really has been finishing it in class. When she gets home everyday, she is ready to play.

My Monster Man is a different story. His teacher refuses to let him finish his homework in class, despite the fact that he finishes his work early and then gets in trouble because he has nothing to do. Whenever he gets home, we have to finish his math and spelling homework.

It used to be that homework wasn't such a struggle. However, Monster Man doesn't understand why she can finish her homework in class and he can't. As a result, we usually have to deal with a long battle to get him to do his homework.

Once he finally calms down and does the work, it usually only takes about five to ten minutes. It's too bad that the fight has to last almost an hour. One of these days, he might actually learn that it's faster to get the work done.

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