Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I wish I'd known

I just found out about a great product called Dentemp OS, which could've saved me a lot of pain recently had I known of its existence. This great product acts as a temporary filling in the event that a filling or cap fall off of your tooth. Best of all, it's available over the counter, so there is no more emergency appointments or waiting to see the dentist to get the much needed relief you deserve.

About two months ago, we were out to eat with a couple of friends. I bit into my dinner roll and was immediately jolted with pain. One of my fillings had fallen right out of my tooth!

Needless to say, the roll that I was eating managed to get into the hole in my tooth, and the pain increased. I attempted to enjoy the rest of my dinner, but soon the pain was overwhelming. We ended up having to cut short our evening with our friends, and I was so embarrassed.

Had I known about the Dentemp OS, I might have excused myself to run to the pharmacy, rather than packing up our family to miss dinner and our planned game night at our friend's house so that I could go home and call the dentist. I could've purchased the Dentemp OS dental cement, which is already premixed and ready to use, and then created my temporary filling. According to what I read about it, I could've rejoined them at dinner and started eating again in just 30 minutes. It could even be used for people who lose their crowns, as a temporary cement to hold them in place. And it's FDA approved, so I know it's a safe solution.

Hopefully I'll never have this problem again, but I'll be relying on Dentemp OS for my temporary dental repair if I ever do!

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