Saturday, November 3, 2007

It works out for everyone

I just found a really neat program online. It turns out that there is a website called webloyalty that awards members for making purchases online through certain sites. What's great is that it really seems to work out for the members and for the businesses that are connected to the site.

Members get the discounts on purchases related to travel, dining out, movies, and shopping. They can even benefit from protection if their trips are delayed or the baggage gets lost or delayed. Any extra costs that you might incur from these delays (anything over 12 hours) is covered by the membership.

The connected businesses also benefit from this great program. After all, members are more likely to purchase the things they need from the companies in this program than from other companies, drawing in more business. It just goes to show that sometimes offering a discount brings more money in the long run.

I'm definitely going to find out more about this program and see how it can help my family save money.

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