Sunday, November 11, 2007

Keeping them quiet

Tomorrow, my husband has to get up especially early. He has a 6:30 safety meeting at a plant over an hour away. He's having to wake up at 4:30 to insure that he arrives to the meeting on time.

With that in mind, he had to be in bed at 8:00 tonight. His epilepsy makes getting a full eight hours of sleep a necessity, so he had no choice but to turn in early. As a result, I was left to get the kids into bed on time tonight, then keep the Little Man quiet so that his Daddy can sleep.

Getting them all quiet has proven to be a challenge. Monster Man is wanting to sleep in the same room as Angel Baby tonight, so that she can read him a story (even though he can read especially well himself). Angel Baby isn't sure she wants him there. Though it hasn't actually started a fight, she has protested his effort to sleep in her room. Finally, I helped them reach a compromise.

On the other hand, Little Man has no desire to go to sleep. As a result, he's being as active as possible to keep himself awake. I hope I can get him calmed down soon.

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