Monday, November 12, 2007

My coins

I've always enjoyed collecting coins. I have coins that I've found in various places, all from different countries. I have coins that my dad got me when a coworker went to Brazil, and I have coins that my brother got for me in his different stops while in the Navy. I have coins brought to me from my mom's cruises, and coins brought to me when a friend visited India. I've even been known to get a more rare coin or two as change from the grocery store, given to me by cashiers that had no idea what their true value was.

Recently, I've noticed a lot of ads on TV for special-made collectors coins. While I might not necessarily be interested in purchasing one of those coins, I might very well be interested in a coin that might give me a little more of an investment opportunity. Older coins, like the golden dollar produced from 1849-1889, are worth a lot more money than the coins advertised on television, and their value will only continue to increase.

Some day I might decide to expand my coin collection by purchasing some of these more rare coins. It would be a great investment.

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