Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Swimsuits

I was talking online to a blogging friend last night, and she was telling me that she is looking forward to going to the beach next year for the first time in many years. You'd think that she must live somewhere where beaches aren't that accessible. On the contrary, she lives just twenty minutes from Daytona Beach.

You see, my friend is very much overweight, and she has been too embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit as her weight continued to build up. No matter what diets she tried, she just wasn't seeing enough results for her to feel comfortable putting on a swimsuit and going to a public beach.

This year, she decided she'd had enough. She decided to check into medical weight loss, and decided that she was going to go with the lap band surgery. She discovered that the lap band system was much safer than other surgical options, and that it would help her return to her normal life much faster. She also liked that the lap band was adjustable, so she could have it work to her needs.

She checked into the Journey Lite facilities, and found a listing for Tampa lap band surgery. Over the summer, she had the procedure done, and she is already showing excellent results. In fact, she has lost so much weight that she already has her eye out for new swimsuits, and she's already making plans to celebrate on the beach with some of her friends once the warmer weather returns.

I am so happy for my friend, and I am proud of her for doing what she needed to make herself happier and healthier!

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