Friday, November 30, 2007

new teddy bear

My Little Man has a new lovey. The past few weeks, he has taken an interest in Angel Baby's hot pink teddy bear. In an effort to give him something less girly, I bought him a baby blue teddy bear at the dollar store a few days after he started carrying it around the house. He carried the new bear for about ten minutes, then threw it in his toybox and returned to his sister's pink bear.

We went to pick up a couple of Christmas presents today. While at the store, Little Man discovered an ivory teddy bear. It was a little bigger than his sister's bear, and way softer. Around its neck, he wore an ivory bow with brown teddy bear paw prints printed on it. My Little Man instantly decided he had to have it!

He carried his new lovey through the store, then later into the post office. He carried it to get the kids from school this afternoon, and he's loved on it several times throughout the day. It has fast become a favorite toy, and I know he's made a new friend.

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