Thursday, November 8, 2007

A new way to shop for a car

I was just talking to my cousin about her need for a new car. She was saying that she's been experiencing problems with her current car, and she'd rather trade it in than pay for all of the repairs the car is going to need. With as old as the car is, the repairs would cost her more than what the car is worth. She decided she wants to get a newer Honda Civic similar to the one she is driving, since it has lasted so long.

I suggested that she get a Honda Car Quote on By going to the site for a quote, she can get dealers to compete for her business, seeing who can offer her the best deal. She can also use the site to get the loan she needs for her new car.

She told me that she will check it out, and that she's hoping she can get something worked out to get her new car this weekend. I hope it all works out for her!

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