Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a price difference!

When I was out hitting the Black Friday sales, I noticed several people buying flat screen televisions. I couldn't believe how many people were buying these. I asked a couple of people if they were purchasing them for themselves, surprised to find that they really were planning on giving them as gift- for husbands, boyfriends, and even adult children.

It really made me wish that I could afford to give one to my husband this year. He's had his eye on a samsung 40 inch LCD that he saw while surfing electronic stores online. Out of curiosity, I came home and went to the Krillion website, which helped me look for this exact TV and find a local retailer that had it at the lowest price.

In fact, the site showed me results for two of the largest electronics retailers in our area. What surprised me was the price difference between the two. While Circuit City was selling this television for $1099.99, Best Buy wanted $1249.99! I never would've suspected such a big price difference, and I'm thankful that I can use Krillion to find the lowest prices near me.

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