Friday, November 2, 2007

When Mom's Away

You know that saying "When the master's away, the cat's will play"? I find that it's also very true with the kids. It's not that I'm necessarily away from home, but I'm sort of out of commission. Without my voice, I can't easily tell the kids what they can and cannot do.

Take for example something that happened a little while ago. Angel Baby and Monster Man were out riding bikes. They were told that they could only go two houses down on either side, and only while they were playing with another child. Monster Man decided he wanted to do something else. He walked into the door, said "I'm tired of playing with them. I'm going over to D's house." Before I could even open my mouth or shake my head to tell him "no", he was back out the door. I practically had to chase him down, Little Man in my arms, to bring him back in the house. His reason for going without my permission? Because he thought he had my permission when I didn't say no.

He knew I couldn't talk, and he knew he wasn't supposed to go to D's house, but he took advantage of the fact that I have no voice left.

While Mom's away, the kids will play...

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