Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kill The Germs, Keep The Brush

Have you ever seen the show Mythbusters? My husband and I have watched it several times, and we were especially disgusted when the show revealed to us how many germs live on our toothbrushes. When Bzzagent offered a chance to try the Sonicare UV Sanitizer for my toothbrush heads, I knew I had to take them up on the opportunity!

This toothbrush sanitizer works with Oral B and Phillips Sonicare toothbrush heads to kill e. coli, s. mutans, and h. simplex that can live on our toothbrushes. It is fast and easy, and it helps make your toothbrush a little healthier to use.

I'm so glad that my toothbrush is now a lot cleaner!

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