Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Drawing a blank

This week, my mind drew a complete blank. I have a major speech that I am supposed to be working on. The assignment is to write a speech introducing a prominent foreign figure (still alive) that is known for their speaking abilities. I'm supposed to make up a pretend situation about a valid affiliation that would invite this person to speak at a major event. I have to explain a little about the affiliation, about why I was chosen to introduce the speaker, and give a little inside information about the speaker.

My mind has completely gone out the window on this one. I finally managed to get a speaker narrowed down. Thanks to the suggestions of several of my friends, I believe I will be inviting Tony Blair to speak at my make-believe event. I just don't know what affiliation will be inviting him, what the event will be, or how I will write it.

Oh, and did I mention it is supposed to be video-taped? So that means that I not only have to get my camera working properly for the video, but I also have to set up a background to make the appearance of being at the event. I'll even have to dress nicely for the big occasion.

I hope that I can get everything worked out in time!

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