Friday, March 7, 2008

The Adventures of Scoop

A couple of months ago, we acquired two goldfish. Cupid and Nicholas came to us complete with a bowl and food. The kids like to help feed Cupid and Nicholas and, unfortunately, they tend to add too much food when they do get to help. This often results in very orange, very nasty water in their bowl.

We decided earlier this week that we needed to put some live plants and an algae eater to the tank, hoping that would help keep everything better oxygenated and make the water stay cleaner longer. I took Angel Baby with me to the pet store last night to pick out the new addition to the fish bowl. On the way to the store, I explained to my little girl that the plants would help to keep things cleaner, and that the algae eater would eat the nasty stuff off of the sides and bottom of the tank.

When we walked into the pet store, it didn't take long for an employee to join us at the fish tanks and offer assistance. Before I could say anything, Angel Baby blurted out "Where are the fish that eat the poop?" Let's get straight to the point, right?! lol

With the employee's assistance, we were able to get our new plecostomus, who my daughter quickly named Spring (because it is almost spring). However, joking with her, I came up with a new nickname for the fish. In response to her question about the fish eating the poop, I teased her by suggesting the name Pooper Scooper, or "Scoop".

We did have a little bit of a scare involving Scoop when we got home. My husband went to put him in the tank, and then quickly balled the bag in his hands, smashing it. Then he decided to take a look at the new fish in the tank, and he discovered the fish wasn't in there. He started looking to see if the fish had somehow missed the tank and landed on the shelf, the floor, anywhere. I suggested the bag, and he told me it had been smashed. I made him look anyway. Sure enough, Scoop was still sucking away at the side of the bag when my husband had smashed it. Somehow, though, Scoop made it through without injury.

Scoop (or Spring) is now happily sucking away at the sides of our fishbowl.

***No animals were harmed in the writing of this blog***

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