Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Broken promise to myself

I am the youngest of four kids. Whenever I look back at all of our baby books, I notice something. My oldest sister's book has almost everything filled out and it's very thin. My other sister (child #2) has a book with a little less filled in and a tiny bit of things stuffed into it. When you get to my brother's (he's #3), it has even less filled out, and his book is much thicker than my sisters' books since more is stuffed into it. Then you get to mine. Not much is filled out, but it's about three inches thick with papers that are just stuffed inside.

When I had my kids, I promised myself I would write in all of their baby books just as much as each others. I guess I broke that promise. Angel Baby's book is almost completely filled out. Monster Man's is close to it. I just opened Little Man's to fill in the information for his second birthday, and realized I barely filled out anything in the past year! Now I'm trying to go through all three books and see if anything is missing that I need to update. Hopefully I can at least make them look like I've put as much work into each of them so that I don't feel like I'm doing what my mom did with mine. lol

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