Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I found 'em

Saturday morning, I heard my keys jingling while I was in the bathroom getting ready to go to the store. I'd had them on my dresser, and my husband was asleep less than five feet from the dresser. I knew little hands had managed to get a hold of them while Daddy slept, oblivious to the key thief. When I was ready to leave, the keys couldn't be found. The little hands, belonging to Little Man, no longer held my keys in them. Any attempt at asking him where my keys were was met only by him running in a random direction, then getting distracted less than a minute later. After the whole family searched for over 30 minutes, I finally decided to take our spare keys (which didn't contain a key for my usual vehicle so I had to drive my husband's) and head to the store. While I was gone, the kids were to continue searching.

My keys didn't show up at all on Saturday. Sunday, I offered the kids $1 to whoever found my keys first. They still didn't show up. Monday, my husband left me his keys and took the spare keys. I upped the offer to $2 for whoever found my keys, but it was to no avail. Monster Man informed me that he'd looked hard enough and was no longer interested in the money. Angel Baby looked everywhere she could think of, but still no keys. After my husband got home, I set off to Ace Hardware to have new keys made.

Last night, I had a dream that I found my keys. In my dream, they just appeared out of nowhere. I immediately put them in my purse and swore my Little Man would no longer have a chance to get his hands on them. When I woke up this morning, I was kind of disappointed that my keys were still missing.

When I started getting around this morning, I decided to prove to Monster Man that the shirt he wanted to wear was dirty. I opened the hamper to pull out the shirt and to start another load of laundry. As I put my hands in to pull out the first of the clothes, I heard a familiar jingling. I knew my keys were in the hamper. Sure enough, I heard the keys hit the floor under the hamper while I continued to dig for them.

The weird thing is that I had searched the hamper multiple times while my keys were missing, and I'd also washed two loads of laundry. The keys must have been moved around with the laundry every time that I put my hands into the hamper. It still amazes me that I hadn't found them earlier. Mostly, though, I'm just glad I found my keys (even if it was after I'd had new ones made!)

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